A retro Bowling back in the seventies… a pretty girl… a nerd, an italian lover, and a jerk…
Who gonna strike first ?
Frades & Sika Feat Seriak « Autour d’un verre »

Video Directed & produced by Hero 

Co producer : Frenchfries
DOP : Marco Viera  Post production : designhero.tv
Second camera : Sylvain Freyens
Editing : Hero : Xia : Charlotte Capelle

Special Thanks to Philippe Carron
Music produced by DuL Cuts by Dj Odilon
Mix and mastering at studio glaïeuls by Brice Deloose 
Edit’ :NozaTitre
extract from E.p « Etripage d’égo »
E.P. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE : mediafire.com?uhvveuwnuol3oec
official Campain
From the E.P. "Etripage d'égo",
free download on // mediafire.com/?uhvveuwnuol3oec //
Coproducer : Frenchfries
Director of photography: Marco Vieira
Second camera : Sylvain Freyens
Art direction : HERO
Lights : Nicolas Decoster, Julien Desmet
Key set decorator : Emmy Ruy
Make up : Christine Arts
Editor : HERO, Kia Lee, Charlotte Capelle
Fx & Post : HERO
Graphic design : Terry Liu
Sound designer : Pierre Bruyns
Acting : "The girl", Mitch Stas, Manu Passaris, Seriak, Frades & SiKa.
A special thanks to NOZA, Philippe Carron, Patrick Croes, Manu Passaris,
and the "Rock bowling" ( rock-bowling.net ) !
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